Dynamic Brain

Areté Assessments is not your typical consultancy. We are a bespoke firm that specialises in knowledge management, particularly in industries where expertise and judgement underpin organisational success, and where people can form a source of tangible competitive advantage. 

Our clients have included government agencies, health and emergency services organisations, educational institutions and companies where effective decision-making, reputation and the ability to translate knowledge into real-world outcomes, are key success factors. We have also served as consultants for the not-for-profit and intergovernmental sectors, focusing on compliance measures and on diversity and inclusion initiatives. 


Our team are recognised thought-leaders and experts in their respective disciplines, speaking regularly at industry masterclasses, conferences and contributing to international best-practice guides Our work has also been the subject of several academic papers and invited industry presentations.


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Understanding complexity

Harnessing ideas and innovation

Delivering tangible and real-world outcomes