Arete Assessments

Innovation + Risk Management

About us


Areté Assessments is not your typical consultancy. We are a bespoke firm that specailises in challenges where capability, people and technology are at the core of both the problem and the solution.


Our clients have included government agencies, health and emergency services organisations, educational institutions and companies where effective decision-making, reputation and the ability to translate knowledge into real-world outcomes, are key success factors. We have also served as consultants for the not-for-profit and intergovernmental sectors, focusing on strategic risk analysis, compliance measures, and capability development, including diversity and inclusion initiatives. 


Guiding the the way


Our mission is to provide solutions that sustain the competitiveness of our client's organisations and the sustainability of their undertakings and initiatives, be they start-ups, established industry or government bodies.


This approach shapes the team and approaches we bring to the table for our clients. Our team include specialists with proficiency in project and program management, stakeholder engagement and communications, in addition to their subject matter expertise. This approach ensures tangible and real-world outcomes for our clients, that are grounded in commercial realities but leverage every possible technical advantage.